ReadyLIFT FMVSS Certified Compliant

ReadyLIFT Suspension Passes FMVSS 126 Stability Testing with Ford F150, Ford F250 and GMC Sierra 1500

Readylift testing.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) Number 126 was established in order to prevent injury and accident by placing new regulations on the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to prevent single vehicle rollovers. To make sure that vehicle and aftermarket manufacturers are compliant with the new standards, Link Engineering Co. opens up their proving grounds testing facility outside of Phoenix, Arizona to put products like the newest ReadyLIFT® Suspension kits through the gauntlet.

Readylift testing.

Readylift testing.

The rigorous testing involves the installation of a custom testing robot and computer system onto the vehicle. After this the vehicle being tested is run through the test track performing a series of ever growing steering adjustments and corrections. The robot can calculate all of the forces and check whether the vehicle is performing within the standards. ReadyLIFT performed this test with 3 separate vehicles.

ReadyLIFT passes FMVSS testing with GMC Sierra 1500 with 6-inch lift installed.

  • GMC Sierra 1500 equipped with the new ReadyLIFT Off-Road MLS 6-Inch Lift Kit

Readylift testing.

  • Ford F150 equipped with the ReadyLIFT Off-Road MLS 7-Inch Lift Kit and 37″ Tires

Readylift testing.

  • Ford F250 Super Duty with ReadyLIFT Off-Road 5-Inch Lift Kit

ReadyLIFT Suspension is proud to announce that all 3 of these tested suspension lift systems passed the FMVSS 126 ESC testing. ReadyLIFT Vice President of R&D Robert Taylor had this to say, “At ReadyLIFT, safety is paramount in the design and production of all our products. We are proud to offer kits that not only perform, but provide the highest level of safety our customers deserve,” reported Mr. Taylor. “Our engineering team worked with testing lab Link Engineering to perform and pass these specialized tests… with ReadyLIFT lift kits up to 7” in lift and 37” tires.” It just goes to show that you can upgrade your vehicle safely with manufacturers like ReadyLIFT Suspension ensuring quality products are hitting the shelves.

See the video HERE!

Remember, Don’t Just Lift It…ReadyLIFT IT!

—Now FMVSS 126 Certified Compliant!—

Learn More about Link Engineering testing HERE

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  1. I have a 2013 ford f150 4×4. I see that the 7″” lift kit allows for up to 37″ tires? is this maxed at 12.50? and did you need any trimming with the 37’s for the fmvss 126 test? Would 37 13.50 fit on the 7″ (with fmvss 126?)

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