Ford F150 ReadyLIFT MLS Suspension Lift Kit

The Ford F150 Gets a Big Lift With the Totally New MLS Suspension Kit from ReadyLIFT


Ford F150 ReadyLIFT MLS Suspension Lift Kit

There has been a lot of talk that ReadyLIFT is just a leveling kit company. The mind set is that the brand offers only high quality leveling components that offer a mild lift, or level your truck. Today, this is not the whole truth and if you think you know ReadyLIFT, then I am here to tell you that there is much more to ReadyLIFT than you may have thought. Building upon the already growing strength of the ReadyLIFT Off-Road line, the New Multi-Lift System (MLS) Suspension Kit offers a revolution on custom big suspension lifts.

It is common for many different truck or SUV owners to want different things out of their lift. Some want a leveled look. Others need a rake to the truck for working payloads in the bed. Many of the current suspension lift options on the market pigeonhole someone into choosing a specific lift height in order to achieve such looks or only offer one style leaving drivers having to resort to expensive and non-reversible modifications to achieve there desired lift. Well that is all a thing of the past. The ReadyLIFT Off-Road MLS Kit offers drivers the chance to customize their lift height and look to exactly what they need with 2 simple choices. The MLS kit is engineered with a never before seen central bracket kit that uses 1 front and 1 rear option to complete the lift. 2009-2014 Ford F150’s, are the first vehicle application for this new suspension design.  The system allows for either 5, 6 or 7 inches of front lift with the options for 1 of 3 rear block heights to either level, rake or set a nose-high or pre-runner look to the truck.  Ultimately, choose your height and choose your look, and your done.

Among the full list of features and benefits listed below, the MLS sub frame and other components are powder coated with a unique and improved Plascoat finish. The Plascoating on the MLS components is a performance polymer alloy coating specifically designed to provid a long lasting, tough coating for exterior applications. The Plascoat finish is especially resistant to stress cracking with improved abrasion and impact resistance as well as a great way to protect against adverse weather conditions, detergents, salt spray and other typical airborne pollutants.

Ford F150 ReadyLIFT MLS Suspension Lift Kit
ReadyLIFT MLS Kit 44-2157

-2009-2014 Ford F150 4WD 5”-7” MLS Features:

• Patented Ride Height Adjustable Strut Towers
o Allows the choice of 5”, 6”, or 7” of Front Ride Height
o Industry Leading Technology Protected by US Patent #7665743

• Precision Designed & Manufactured Sub-frame Assemblies
o Heavy Duty One Piece Cross Members
o Precision Laser Cut & CNC Formed
o Unique Design for Strength and Structural Integrity

• Heavy Duty Sub-Frame Integrated Sway Bar Drop Brackets
o Maintains Proper Front Sway Bar Operation
o Triangulated Design Adds Structure & integrity to the Sub-Frame Assembly

• Industry First, Patent Pending Rack & Pinion Steering Drop System
o Lowers Factory Rack & Pinion Steering System to Improve Tie Rod Mounting Points on the Steering Knuckle
o Patent Pending Steering Extension and Support Assembly Provide Secure and Precise Steering

• Heavy Duty Extended Length Steering Knuckles
o Maintain Upper and Lower Control Arm Relationship and Geometry
o Maintains Factory Turning Radius
o Improved Steering Geometry
o High Strength Nodular Iron Construction
o Precision CNC Machined Surfaces for Precise Fitment

• Heavy Duty Front Differential Skid Plate
o Offers Additional Protection to the Front Differential

Ford F150 ReadyLIFT MLS Kit Installed
Ford F150 ReadyLIFT MLS Kit Installed

• Rear Suspension Features
o Three Optional Rear Height Choices to Accompany Desired Front Lift and Provide Level Stance

 3” Lift Block & U-Bolt Kit (for 5” Front Ride Height)
 4” Lift Block & U-Bolt Kit (for 6” Front Ride Height)
 5” Lift Block & U-Bolt Kit (for 7” Front Ride Height)
 All Lift Blocks Feature a Built-in Bump Stop Contact Pad to Ensure Proper Bump Engagement

• Brake Line Drop Bracket Maintains Proper Length and Function

• Emergency Brake Cable Relocation Bracket Eliminates Bind and Maintains Proper Function

• Capable of Use With Extended Length Performance Rear Shock Absorber-
o ReadyLIFT SST9000 Series Billet Aluminum Shocks

• Features Tough Silver Powder Coat Finish that is standard on all ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension Systems

• Wheel & Tire Fitment (Determined at 7” Ride Height)
o Allows the Use of Factory Wheels with up to 35”x12.5” Tire*
o Factory Aluminum Rim with 5.75” Backspace = 35×12.5×17” Tire w/out Trimming*
o 17”X8” Aftermarket Wheel w/ 4.75”-5.5” Backspace = 35×12.5×17 Tire w/out Trimming*
o 18”X9” Aftermarket Wheel w/ 4.75”-5.5” Backspace = 35×12.5×18 Tire w/out Trimming*
o 20”X9” Aftermarket Wheel w/ 4.75”-5.5” Backspace = 35×12.5×18 Tire w/out Trimming*

Ford F150 ReadyLIFT MLS Suspension Lift Kit
ReadyLIFT MLS Sub Frame Assembly

It is simple to mix and match the front and rear options to allow for different looks and styles for the vehicle. Among some of the best features with the MLS design is that, you can return the vehicle to your stock wheels and tires if needed and you maintain your suspension’s geometry leaving you with a factory quality ride. This new suspension lift kit has also been through rigourous testing in order to ensure safety and function. The Ford MLS Suspension is FMVSS 126 compliant, certifying that the suspension lift will not negatively impact the functionality nor performance of the vehicle’s electronic stability control system.

*There are many different variations of manufacturer aftermarket tire and wheel combinations in both width, actual diameter, tread pattern, etc. It is up to the installer to determine wheel and tire fitment on the vehicle and guarantee that there is no rubbing of the tire on any components, both inside and outside surfaces. The above guide is for reference only.

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