super duty 6 inch kit series 3 49-2603

ReadyLIFT Off-Road Suspension Lifts the Ford Super Duty 6.5-Inches

2011-2015 Ford F250 & F350 Super Duty 6.5” Off-Road Suspension Lift Kit Series 1, 2 & 3

6.5" Super Duty Suspension Lift
ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension 6.5″ Series 3 Lift Kit 49-2602

The new ReadyLIFT® Off Road Suspension Series 6.5” Lift Kit is designed to fit 2011-2015 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty Models. The 6.5” lift kit is available in Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 options. All of the series options allow for the installation and use of up to 38” tall off road tires. For the F250 (P/N:49-2600) and F350 (P/N: 49-2610), the 6.5” Series 1 lift kits will include custom wound coil springs engineered to provide a great ride while also enhancing off road driving performance. The included radius arm drop brackets allow you to use your factory radius arms making install relatively simple. The 49-2600 for the F250 models with utilize a completely new rear leaf pack for increased towing capacity and ride. The 49-2610 for the F350 with feature OEM-style cast iron rear blocks to lift the rear of the truck without compromising the towing or hauling abilities, or the overall ride quality. Both of the Series 1 kits also include additional custom designed components such as a drop pitman arm, track bar bracket, sway bar end links, drive shaft spacer, and all mounting and installation hardware.

The Series 2 kits 49-2601 and 49-2611 for the F250 and F350 respectively, takes the Series 1 option just a step further by replacing the radius arm drop brackets in Series 1 with our rugged tab and slotted boxed steel heavy duty radius arms. The arms pivot on urethane bushings that can be greased via zerk fittings, making maintenance easy. Like Series 1, the Series 2 kits also includes custom wound coil springs. Unlike the 5” Series 2 lift kit 49-2001 currently available, the mini rear add-a-leafs are traded up to a complete rear leaf spring pack for the F250 and OEM-style cast iron rear blocks on the F350 providing the correct rear lift height and added benefits in ride quality and towing. The 49-2601 and 49-2611 Series 2 lift kits also include the drop pitman arm, track bar bracket, longer and stronger sway bar end links, CNC machined billet aluminum drive shaft spacer, and all necessary hardware. Longer shocks are required when using either the Series 1 or Series 2 kits. ReadyLIFT SST9000 Front (99-2500F) and Rear (99-2500R) shock are available separately.

The premium Series 3 options, 49-2602 fitting the F250 model and 49-2612 fitting the F350 Super Duty, takes our Series 2 kit to an all inclusive, ultimate off-road suspension lift package. Featuring the new Super Duty Anti-Wobble Track Bar for lifted trucks as well as four ReadyLIFT SST9000 Performance Shocks! This combination creates an unmatched Ford Super Duty Lift Kit that is designed to significantly improve the ride and driving quality of your truck, but also greatly improve the vehicle’s off road capabilities, Guaranteed. Like the Series 2 kit, the Premium Series 3 kit 49-2602 also includes a set of custom wound coil springs, specially engineered tabbed and slotted heavy duty boxed steel radius arms with urethane pivots. A full rear leaf pack for the F250 models and OEM-style cast iron rear blocks for the F350 models makes the rear suspension a comfort and joy to drive. Like Series 1 and 2, the Series 3 kit also includes a drop pitman arm, custom track bar bracket longer and stronger sway bar end links, CNC machined billet aluminum drive shaft spacer, and all the hardware. Additionally, the 49-2602 Series 3 kit comes complete with ReadyLIFT SST9000 Front (99-2500F) and Rear (99-2500R) performance shocks designed for improved ride quality and off road use.

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