ReadyLIFT FMVSS Certified Compliant

ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension Passes FMVSS 126 Stability Testing with 5-Inch Performance Lift Kit on Ford F250 Super Duty

FMVSS 126 Ford F250 Testing
FMVSS 126 Testing on F250 Super Duty with 5-Inch Off Road Series 3 Suspension Lift Kit

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) Number 126 was established in order to prevent injury and accident by placing new regulations on the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to prevent single vehicle rollovers. To make sure that vehicle and aftermarket manufacturers are compliant with the new standards, Link Engineering Co. opens up their proving grounds testing facility outside of Phoenix, Arizona to put products like the newest ReadyLIFT® Suspension kits through the gauntlet.

Readylift FMVSS 126 Testing Pass
Link Test Engineer Administers FMVSS 126 Test Successfully

The rigorous testing involves the installation of a custom testing robot and computer system onto the vehicle. After this the vehicle being tested is run through the test track performing a series of ever growing steering adjustments and corrections. The robot can calculate all of the forces and check whether the vehicle is performing within the standards. If the suspension on the vehicle is flawed in its design, then the vehicle may experience larger and unsafe forces when making quick steering movements. A well designed suspension system is crucial not only for ride comfort, but for safety as well. The ReadyLIFT Off Road Series 3 Suspension Lift for the Ford F250 Super Duty Models passed well within all testing parameters and is a credit to the R&D of the ReadyLIFT engineering team.

ReadyLIFT Off Road Super Duty 5-inch Series 3 Lift Kit: 49-2002
ReadyLIFT Off Road Super Duty 5-inch Series 3 Lift Kit: 49-2002

The 49-2002 ReadyLIFT Off Road Super Duty 5-Inch Lift Kit is made to fit 2011-2014 Ford Super Duty trucks and gives owners an excellent lift kit option that will raise both F250 and F350 models 5” for maximum tire clearance and unbeatable off road performance. This kit allows for the installation of up to 38″ tall off road tires with no problems. This off road kit delivers uncompromising ride and handling performance! The ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension 5” Lift Kit is available in three different configurations (Series 1, 2 and 3).

The Premium Series 3 for the 2011-2014 Ford Super Duty 5″ Lift Kit is a whole new level of suspension perfection by including a Super Duty Anti-Wobble Track Bar for lifted trucks as well as four ReadyLIFT SST9000 Performance Shocks! This combination creates the ultimate Super Duty Lift Kit that not only GREATLY improves the ride and driving quality of your truck, but also GREATLY improves the off road ability of the vehicle. This was proven with its compliance of the new FMVSS 126 testing.  The Premium Series 3 kit also includes:

-ReadyLIFT SST9000 Front (99-2500F) and Rear (99-2500R) .25″ CNC Machined aluminum bodied, rebuildable & revalvable shocks designed specifically for this lift kit.

-Tab and slot design of the boxed radius arms increases strength and reliability.

-Heavy Duty Anti Wobble Trac Bar included to firmly plant your truck in the road or trail.

-Custom wound coil springs for maximum off road and on road performance.

-Urethane bushings will last longer and can be greased by a zerk fitting.

-The rear mini pack adds to the lift and performance of the rear leaf springs.

-CNC billet drive shaft spacer corrects drive shaft plunge/engagement.

-Includes extended sway bar end links, bump stop extensions, alignment cams, drop pitman arm and extended brake line brackets.

See the ReadyLIFT Off Road Series 3 Lift Kit Installation or learn more about ReadyLIFT at

Learn more about FMVSS 126 Testing and the Link Arizona Proving Grounds HERE!

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