Kyle Hart Takes 1st in Reno LOORRS for Team ReadyLIFT

A Wild Ride in Reno for LOORRS Rounds 5&6 Yields Victory for Kyle Hart

Team ReadyLIFT Pro Lite Driver Kyle Hart

A lot can happen between the flashes of the green and checkered flags. Especially in off road racing. The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) is one of the fastest growing off road followings in the country and it isn’t hard to see why. With up close spectator  viewing of some of the most extreme off road machines in a fast paced battle over dirt, mud and jumps only one word can truly describe the experience; unpredictable. Off road racing is one of the few niches left where the skill of a driver and crew, and a little luck can outshine the mega teams with seriously large financial backings or a never ending tool box of top of the line equipment. Ultimately, that is what the fans want is unpredictability. Fans want to watch a race and cheer for their favorites because they are the best, but the drivers need to prove it in every lap or risk a quick dethroning or even worse, a crash or rollover. Well the fans got everything they hoped for this past weekend in Reno for rounds five and six of the LOORRS with a stunning win by Kyle Hart (#41 in the Pro Lite division) on Saturday for Team ReadyLIFT.

Marty Hart LOORRS Reno

Round 5 on Friday was a little underwhelming for both Kyle in Pro Lite and his father, legendary racer Marty Hart, in the Pro 2 division. With a strong qualifying round Marty found himself in the third spot with a strong shot at the podium. After being taken out by another tough competitor Bryce Menzies, Hart fell back and carried that stoke of bad luck into Saturday as well. The real race for the Pro Lite division was Saturday. A hard fought but killer qualifier placed Kyle square in line for a podium. During the race, a few of Kyle’s closer competition suffered flat tires and had to pit leaving the young Hart with a race that was his for the taking. Overall, Hart grabbed the top spot and all just before his birthday. Quite a gift to give yourself and your fans.

Kyle Hart Takes 1st in Reno LOORRS for Team ReadyLIFT


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